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Glow Up: For the Love of Your Skin

Updated: May 31

I was recently invited to try some beauty products from Maëlys, and I am so glad they did! It's not often that a new product comes along, that you automatically know you are going to add to your daily routine.

Whenever I try and review a new product, one of the first things I do is go to their website. Websites can tell you a lot about a company. Their website immediately told me that they were a company with fresh ideas filled with the boldness that I love! Check out their 'About Page', and you will immediately understand. I mean, who doesn't want their waist snatched? I also immediately noticed that you can get 10% off of your first order! Cha-ching!

In the package was this cute little note:

Intrigued like me? I wanna look hot AF!

I received three products: Get-Showy, Get-Peachy and B-Flat. I have been using these products for almost two weeks, and after the first week, I knew my relationship with Maëlys was going to be a good one. I wasn't expecting any miracles; it took me three children, and bad eating habits over the years to get these stretch marks.

Scrub 'N' Rub: The Body Glow Duo: This duo contains the Get-Peachy Booty Scrub and the Get-Showy Body Butter.

The Get-Peachy Booty Scrub smells delightful!

It has a nice peach scent, which I LOVE.

While you are in the shower, apply this scrub to your booty and thigh area in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes. It targets the cellulite and exfoliates, all while unblocking your pores.

This scrub is very gentle compared to some scrubs that feel a little rough when applying. I really love the way it feels in the shower. My skin feels so soft and smooth, and my husband says that my booty has less cellulite then before. (I did ask for his opinion!)

THISSSSS!!! I was already addicted to body butters, and this just makes it worse. As soon as you put the Get-Showy Body Butter on your skin, you can just feel your skin breathing a sigh of relief. Like, THANK YOU!

It immediately reduces the look of ashy skin and leaves your skin appearing luminous! It smells like roses.... absolutely wonderful!

Apply generously to any and all areas on your skin that appear dry and massage it right in. Basically, slather it ALL OVER!

The B-Flat Belly Firming Cream is something that I wished I had after my first pregnancy. This cream fades the look of stretch marks and smooths the appearance of your belly. My skin does look tighter, which makes me feel amazing. After rubbing it in, you will feel a little heat, but that is just the cream doing what it is supposed to do! Massage into your skin twice a day.

If you get a moment, definitely check them out at: Body Shaping Solutions For Real Women | MAELYS ( and then come back and let me know what you think! I highly recommend their products. Matter of fact, I am about to order some more items myself! Don't forget to sign up to receive 10% OFF your first purchase!

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