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Faux Leather Pants - Styled Three Ways

Unless you've been hiding in a remote area, you know one of the favorite trends for the winter are faux leather pants. They come in many styles; bootleg, wide leg, skinny leg, joggers, and cropped. Faux leather pants also allows fashionistas to wear the 'leather' look, without wearing actual leather. I bought the cropped style from The Loft.

I picked this style and brand, simply because the pants have elastic in the waist and they also have a bit of stretch. Let's just say, I wore these pants on Thanksgiving Day, and was comfortable before AND after I ate. There is a drawstring, that will allow you to tighten or loosen the waist, however you want.

Before I go into how I styled these pants, I need to let you know that you can shop all of my looks here 👇🏽

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The first style is actually an outfit that I wore to work. It features a cami bodysuit from Forever 21. Since the weather is getting cold, I wore a cardigan over the bodysuit. I wore heels in this picture, but paired this style with some black flats when I wore this to work.

The second style is my favorite. I wore my favorite cropped turtleneck batwing-sleeve sweater from Forever 21. I love this sweater. I have also styled it with my black pleated skirt and knee-high boots....

I accessorized this with a necklace that has a large gold circle pendant, just to make the outfit pop! On my feet are a pair of flats with an animal print. I love to wear animal print shoes, whether flats of heels when I wear all black. It just completes the style to me.

This third and final style is an outfit that can be worn anywhere! The sweater is the showstopper!!! And guessed it, its from Forever 21.

It features a tie-knot in the back (see my little twirl in the video) and has an overall softness to it that can't go without being acknowledges.

No matter how you decide to style your faux leather pants, I have faith that you will kill it!!!

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I haven’t tried faux leather pants yet because I’m always not sure how to style it but I love your tips especially the first inspo set!


I love all of these styles! I have been meaning to get some faux leather pants, so thank you for the inspo!

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