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Dreaming of Summer, Sunsets, and Picnics

I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to this summer!

Last summer we were going through financial difficulties and I was traveling a lot with my job. We really did not have a summer vacation other than our weekend trip to Busch Gardens. Shout out to Busch Gardens for having Military Appreciate Days!

This summer, however, is going to be different. I have vowed to make it a point to ensure my boys have a full summer! This doesn't always necessarily mean traveling to exotic destinations or even to other states. Sometimes a simple day trip to the local lake, to enjoy the sunset while having a picnic - can mean the world to them.

So if you don't already, follow me to see our adventures this summer! It's amazing what you can do even on a small budget. And yes, we will be enjoying Busch Gardens again this summer for Military Appreciate Day - but I have also planned some day trips and road trips. I hope that you and your loved ones get an opportunity to just put your phones on silent and enjoy your time with each other. Even if its just to have a summer sunset picnic. XOXO

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