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Join Me On My Journey

When I started this weight loss journey, I weighed 228lbs. I was a size 2X, and became depressed. I was constantly masking it with a smile. I thought that this is me, and either accept me or don’t. But then, I realized that I wasn’t even accepting myself. I wasn’t loving myself. I had also been suffering from medical issues. I later learned that my weight made it hard to diagnose. I will discuss that more in detail in another blog. So I started Weight Watchers (WW). I love WW, because I do not restrict myself, but I do hold myself accountable. WW has shown me that you can begin a lifestyle change. No fad diets, no quick weight loss secrets. I track EVERYTHING. I began eating healthier and I realize that I now eat because I need to, not because I want to.

Another change I made was my fitness level. But I had to find something that I would love, so it wouldn’t be boring. Walking is one of my favorite activities. I power walk and am beginning to slowly work my way up to a light jog. But my passion is yoga. Not only is it good for weight loss, but it also calms me and helps me find peace.

Lastly, when I began losing weight, I also noticed that my idea of self-care began simply brushing my teeth. So, as you can imagine, self-love was completely gone. I began my discovery of skin care products, makeup and fashion of course.

So here I am, 40 weeks later and 42 pounds lighter, and hoping to motivate other women to begin discovering self care and self love again!

What’s my why? ME 💋

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